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Our new website allows you to learn about energy efficient lighting, find out which bulbs are right for you, and read about the latest trends in the industry. It's important for us to make sure our customers know what they need, why they need it, and if they are maximizing their energy efficiency. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Find out which bulbs you need

Bright Idea

Many of our customers feel lost when it comes to lighting. Your property contains several areas that require specific types of lighting - but there are thousands of bulbs out there, along with a ton of manufacturers. How can you be sure which bulb is right for you?

Our new website provides you with an easy-to-use bulb selection tool. Find out which bulbs you need. There are thousands of different bulbs, but once you narrow down to a few variations, give us a call and we can recommend the exact fit.

Energy Audit

Need some help determining how much money you could be saving with energy efficient lighting? Request an Energy Audit and we'll perform a full analysis of your property, evaluate your needs and current usage, and submit a report with recommendations and potential cost savings.

Are you maximizing your saving potential? Are you reducing your impact on the environment? Give us a call and get peace of mind. It's free.